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Re: Oblivion

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
My main problem is that I always relied on stealth and a well-aimed stab in the back to get along in fights. But now I can't do a single step without every evildoer in a 5 mile radius knowing of my existence! They always get a jump on me now, since they somehow even manage to spot me through walls while I'm sneaking. It's really annoying.
Its been a long time... but now that you mention it. I remember stealth being harder.

I dumped a lot of points into stealth, but it wasnt as useful as I thought it should be.

I think I even started the game over, so I could rebuild my character. Stealth wasnt completely useless (you could do "some" sneaking), it was just wasnt as useful as it had been in the previous game.
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