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Re: Oblivion

...and so I ran headfirst into a wall of fail. Someone should warn you that levelling up your character is a really bad idea in this game. What's the point of having a levelling system, when all the enemies level with you and do that apparently more efficient? Since I didn't optimize my levelling strategy (mainly because I was just trying out stuff) my character grew weaker with each level, relative to all the enemies in the game. I think a sewer rat can kick my butt at this point by just looking at me funny.

An Oblivion wiki I found talks of the "levelling problem", where you find advice like...
There are several strategies for overcoming the leveling problem. One is to never let your character sleep, and therefore your character will never level up [...]
What kind of advice should that be? That's basically saying the best way to play the game is to ignore that it's an rpg.

I just imagine the heroes of TES being insomniacs who inject themselves red bull to keep going so that their enemies don't get stronger. A bit like Nightmare on Elf street.

With this in mind I doubt that I will keep on playing Oblivion. I like the outset, but the game mechanics just killed it for me.

p.s. I bought a house for the bard, but since the character was rendered useless there's not really a way to enjoy this

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