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Re: Oblivion

Originally Posted by Richard Naik View Post
The "here's your character go have fun" concept has always appealed to me - the story of the game is mine to tell.
That was exactly why i started to hate Morrowind approximately on hour ~80.
I had piled tons of armor, weapons, and all sorts of items in my little item shrine in Balmora, was practically unbeatable if equipped with my best set, some skills were on maximum, i was able to fly, because of those shoes i found, but there was no way i ever found back to the main quest. (not only because the log was a pure disaster)
I should find two pieces of whatever and found only one. Yeah, i love it to not finish a game, especially after wasted only some days... and even guides couldn't point me in the right direction.
Everywhere everyone was talking about this nerevarine-shit but they forgot to make the hints for the main quest foolproof.
TES3 was one of the worst games ever when it comes to storytelling. Those endless books were painful and the ridiculous, continuously inflating dialog system.... a nightmare.

Never ever i will try a Bethesda game again if it is not clearly not a TES-style game.
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