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Re: Last movie impressions

The Prince and Me
I generally like Cinderella stories, although this had a rather implausible hero with a stupid introduction.

Fink fährt ab
Not as good as other Austrian comedys but had also this unique charm in language and characters.

A little too stretched in the middle part, the role of Sam Jackson had no real purpose and both ends don't feel adequate. A typical mediocre King film...

... and justice for all
A good script author would make today a good movie about this idea, but as it was done in the 70s, it's a waste dump of disjointed, only on their own interesting episodes.

Gegenüber (Counterparts)
One the most intense dramas i ever saw.
A man who is beaten up by his wife each time they have an argument. He is a police officer, a officer who has no problem saving his colleagues life.
Why does he allow her to hurt him? Why does he recommend his colleague for a promotion his chief plans him to have, although he needs the money? Why is his wife so violent?
Reminded me somehow of Head-On or Monster.
Great job by a young newcomer director.

Jade Soturi
It was confusing and i think i got the point of the story only after reading the wikipedia article of Kalevala, but i liked the fresh way of this Finnish Kung-Fu movie. Music, style and the seamless shifting between time and places were different and enjoyable.

Nim’s Island
Nice adventure film for kids, with a Jodie Foster trying some slapstick scenes.
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