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Re: Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of Starry Sky Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gu

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how do you beat that one boss at Zere Rocks.
ok heres what the guide says:
"We're back into the rough bosses. Garth Goyle was upset that the last couple of enemies ignored raw, physical damage. He's going to make up for that. This guy uses brute force to get things done.
Parties with strong healing, high HPs, and good buff skills can wade through this encounter. High damage groups or those that lean heavily on magical damage will have the hardest time.
Garth, as he likes to be called by his friends, double attacks and usually sticks to standard melee or souped-up attack and some type of augmentation spell. He can improve his magic resistance or raise his tension. The latter is especially nasty because it improves even his area of effect attack.
Speaking of which, Garth has only one area of effect, called Ground Pound. It normally inflicts trivial damage, but when his tension gets up to 20, it can hurt your party badly, especially if healing is already tricky.
If (or when) your party falls behind on healing, consider a medical round. Have healers Heal and let all non-healers use herbs or medicine to restore themselves. This somewhat resets the clock on the fight and gives you the time you need. That's not usually necessary in earlier boss battles, but Garth Goyle gets lucky sometimes and puts a lot of damage on people in a short span.
Mages do awful damage in this fight, so it's best to keep them on Sap/Accelerate duty.
At the end of the day, Garth falls into rubble. Party on."
I would recomend being in the high 20s or 30s for this fight. I had a level 32 warrior and a level 31 martial artist and was able to beat him. I used my warrior to help protect my martial artist while the martial artist did a move that allowed him to deal damage three consecutive times. Hope this helps.
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