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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
You lost me at Big Mama's House.

Walk the line
Never liked Cashs music much, so the genre typical drugs, party hardy, mistreat wife, success in Billboard, life's still not good enough for me story wasn't very interesting for me.

The Reaping
The final joke was ok, though the scene which was necessary to make it possible was awkwardly implemented. The actual end was predictable and the whole movie never found a right tune for itself. Drama? Religious thriller?
dramaturgy anyone?

The Motel
No titties, no girlies screaming or running away stupidly, no unecessary gore, after a long time a horror movie i was able to enjoy.

I don't like Peckinpahs other movies i have seen so far (Straw Dogs, Iron Cross, Wild Bunch) and this one also doesn't explain to me why he got so much pos. recognition.
The characters were goofy and immoderate accentuated, the action funny, only the intro was well done.
At least i know now were GTA IV has got its ridiculous car physics from: 70s cars with no grip and horrifying suspension behavior.

Pans Labyrinth
Reminded me of course of The Devils Backbone as it also plays in Spain and was made by the same director.
Del Toro this time used some fairy tale bits instead of the horror genre.
It was 3 story layers at once for me: 1. real spain 1944 with persecution of regime enemies with some drastic scenes 2. the princess fairytale the unloved stepdaughter of an captain flees into 3. some bible themes (book Moses, Adams apple, Jesus death and also holy ghost, trinity)
I'm not sure if it wanted to tell what i think it did but i think it was great.
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