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Re: Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of Starry Sky Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gu

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Urhm how do I complete the "our precious precious" side-quest? Ive figured out that precious is prolly a slime but where do I get the outfit the little kid talks about? also, where should I search for precious?
ok heres what the guide says in order to complete the quest:
"This quest becomes available around the time you complete Bloomingdale.
Pauline is standing near the Stornway side of the Mountain Pass. Her family lost their pet, Precious. Talk to the children after you accept the quest; they let you know that you aren't looking for some wandering Chihuahua. The description sure sounds like a slime. Fight slimes in the nearby Angel Falls wildernesss to search for the tiny fellow.
To lure him out, have your hero only wear Slime Gear, such a gooey gear (made with Garish Garb and three Slimedrops) and a Slood (Pointy Hat and three slimedrops).
After you find him, return to Pauline for a nice reward."

The reward is a seed of skill.

The Pointy Hat is made through alchemy-Leather Hat+Magic Beast Horn. You can also find the hat in the northern building in Dourbridge.-Magic Beast Horn is usually dropped by all monsters who look like Rhinos. The horns are also dropped by a monster called Knocktopus which can be found when sailing in the inner parts of the ocean-in the inner area of all the islands-by alltrades abbey.

The Garish Garb can be bought in the armour shop in Coffinwell for 660)

You can also find the Gooey Garb in Mayor Laia's house in Coffinwell.
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