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Re: new Xbox slim still have hardware problems?

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Buying a HW, a HW i actually already own, twice is always a bad deal. (tough for Sony it also is/was)

I wonder sometimes how many of those 40 resp. 35 mio consoles sold are for similar purposes. A backup machine, an exchange unit for RRoD/YLoD after warranty period or a Box for being banned from Live.
Is this a new way to boost sales or did this already happen in previous generations?
There's no way I'm paying MS twice for a console. The used 360 didn't line Microsofts pockets, though the $30 HDD did.

Sure, I could have swapped my 120gig HDD back and forth between the two consoles, but I'd rather have the extra storage space; I only have about 40 gig left on my Elite.

The Dreamcast's North American numbers were probably padded by Sega fans that bought a second system, when they were clearing them out. I'd bought a second one (traded the dead DC in at Walmart), because my launch DC died one year after I'd bought it. The DC is notorious for blowing out controller ports as well.

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