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Re: new Xbox slim still have hardware problems?

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Buying a HW, a HW i actually already own, twice is always a bad deal. (tough for Sony it also is/was)

I wonder sometimes how many of those 40 resp. 35 mio consoles sold are for similar purposes. A backup machine, an exchange unit for RRoD/YLoD after warranty period or a Box for being banned from Live.
Is this a new way to boost sales or did this already happen in previous generations?
well, for 360, I know multiple people who have bought back-up systems; preparing for the next attack. I also know people who bought another system even though their original was being repaired.

So yeah, I have always questioned to myself the validity of the 360 sales figures.

However, I'm the only person I know personally who has gotten the YLOD. It is a problem, but I don't think it's nowhere near as widespread as RROD. I'm sure that some of the PS3 sales are due to re-buys, but I'm not really seeing people buying back-up systems or anything.

What sucks for me is the failure % of YLOD refurbs. I Think it's like 60%.

hope they let me add the PS protection plan to it.

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