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Re: Favorite Videogame Soundtracks?

Still love the trailer, the idea of the game and this track of it. Hope they will make ME2 in near future.

Randomly picked one Anno 1701 track. There is no single tune that isn't well done in the whole series.

Anno 1404, even better than 1701 because now oriental tunes accompany the occidental ones.

Tilman Sillescu, fantastic composer!
Some track even entered the real world classic charts after release!

Kai Rosenkranz, the only employee of Piranha Bytes that does his work without bugging it.

Nintendo always does great music, but Super Metroid was their masterpiece

It just perfectly fits the game

One of the very rare main themes i listened to the end every time i started the game.

I actually don't like ridiculous "singing", but this is a Nintendo game, just have to love it.

this game kicks GTAs ass

i used a part from it as my ring tone for some time
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