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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

my tactic is the 0 rebel policy till freedom fight. my advice is make 1 town for tool production, another for weapon production and one more for food(colonists) production. once your ready to fight get 9 aldermen (3 for each town) and have all the standard building that give you rebel sentiment like the newspaper etc. once you have all the needed building set your production queues to military output for all three towns and your aldermen will produce the political output while your rebel sentiment increases you will get the chances to recruit leaders(get the leaders that increase your troops skills like formations, veteran etc)
i beat the kings army of 53 infantry, 31 cavalry, and 22 cannons with 30 infantry, 0 cavalry, 10 cannons. the trick with the fighting is arm everyone that can carry a weapon and put them in a forest sqaure that is right next to your town(s)(your town must have no defenses) so that when the enemy army enters your town make sure he gets no civilians but the 1 that had to stay and then when he enters attack his army in the towns with your cannons and you will see his troops fall apart, and if he attack you then your lucky cause your in the forest and you got 55-75% protection so you will win by defending then when its your turn you will have the chance to promote/upgrade a few which improves skills and health.

the troops you should have in the forest square is at least 10 infantry and 10 cannons the infantry will protect your cannons when enemy attacks.

never leave troops in your towns no matter how high the defense is they will lose.
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