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hi just a general hint that helped me a lot:

First i thought, that grand slam tennis was just too hard and that the controls (wii m+) are not precise. But then i read somewhere, that after you hit the ball the wii motion plus registers the "middle position" of the racket. That means if you put the controller straight ahead of you right after hitting the ball, the controls work very precisely (at least for me) , and you can very well control the direction of the ball by just changing the direction of the controller during the swing, when you hit the ball. -> forehand: 90 to the middle position means straight ball, >90 means the ball goes right, <90 ball goes left.
If you keep your racket in a random position after the swing, this will be the new "middle" and the controls will not work correctly - at least this was my experience...

After i got to know this, grand slam tennis just advanced to my favourite game, as it is the sports game that is closest to reality that i know.. :-)

hope this helps somebody, have fun..
this is the key to playing the game and enjoying it!
After each hit reposition the controller to the straight-front flat position. It makes each swing perfectly accurate.
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