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I like this... well i didnt mension in previous post cuas i was actious to get back to C&C RA3 but now i have time when facing a medium (havent yet tried higher XD) build in this order : Powerplant -> Barracks -> Refinerey -> Turrets (never stop building turrets remember this : your deffence is NEVER inpenatrable) ... when you have your barracks start building infantry i had these strike groups (i was allience) : 6 Peacekeepers -> 5Peacekeepers , 5 Javelins -> 10 of each and so on... ok.. now you are striking your opponent (never stop building even when you dont have credits) so now your keeping your enemy at bay . now that you have your deffence build a war factory and some FAV's (and mirrage tanks , *normal tanks* as you progress your TECH) and in the meantime you should expand you base. Its allways best to have atleast 4 Ore Refineries so now you keep your enemy at bay , you have a verry good deffence and your expanding.
Eventually your enemy wont have units left and/or resources so now you will start targeting his production structures and thats how i got rid of an enemy (medium) without using super weapons (neither of us had any) i had a ton of units camping in my base since i allready got rid of his production structures and as i said dont stop building thats why i had the extra units .

You can also try cutting off all routs on the groud to your base limiting your enemies movment and keeping their movment in your control.

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