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Re: new Xbox slim still have hardware problems?

Today I got yet another trio of flashing red rings on my first-generation model 360. That is my third Xbox 360 and will be my fourth warranty repair (three years for three red rings). They are sending the shipping label within the next three days. Sucks I have to box it up myself. They used to send their own box, affectionately nicknamed the 360 coffin.

So I looked at this slim model like the sucker that I am (I should really just stop buying Microsoft products, but I'm in too deep!) and it doesn't seem like a good option for someone who is in limbo.

First, the hard drive slot on the slim model is not compatible with my 20gb hard drive. I would have slapped the 20gb on the slim 360, copied over my saves to a USB stick that I already have, and then copy over my saves to the 250gb hard drive. However, in order to transfer saves, you have to shell out another goddamn $20 for a transfer cable.

In a word: no.

So I looked at an Arcade bundle that Target had for $130 + $30 gift card. Unfortunately, it's nowhere to be found. Best Buy has a ton of Arcade bundles for $150, but at that price I still feel like a sucker. A Fry's near me has the Elite Spring Bundle for $250. It comes with a 120gb hard drive, Forza 3 and Halo 3: ODST, but again, sucker.

I'm out a 360 for another month, and this was the only time I actually had time to play (it always seems to work out like that).

I just hope they don't give me the same 360 back, but a newer model that doesn't break as often.
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