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Re: Please Rate this Article: Melee Combat in the Current Gen

Originally Posted by Zarmaka View Post
Of the list of games you describe as "half-hearted", the only one's I've played are 99 Nights and Force Unleashed.
A Half Hearted attempt doesnt have to just refer to a developer. It can also refer to who ever is supplying the money. A game like Red Ninja simply feels unfinished. It completely lacks balance and polish (the last thing a developer usually works on before completion). It just stinks of a project, where the money just ran out.

A Targeting "lock on" is an interesting topic. Many gamers feel any lock on or auto targeting is cheating, or only for a casual audience. But I think a good lock on can allow a player to think about other aspects of combat. Its not right for every game, but sometimes combat can be very sloppy, and unrealistic without a good lock on system. Particularly with melee combat.

Most fighting games have a built in form of auto targeting. You dont really have to worry about "aiming" your attacks. You and your enemy is always on the same plane as you. This makes the combat look better.
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