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Re: Please Rate this Article: Melee Combat in the Current Gen

Originally Posted by Zarmaka View Post
What exactly did you not like about Ninja Gaiden's camera?
I only tried the first Ninja Gaiden (#2 maybe different). They used their "Dead or Alive" game engine, including the camera. And so it was really a fighting gaming camera. It was constantly bouncing around giving different dramatic views. And that is fine for a fighting game, where there is only one enemy and no scenery getting in the way. But it really bothered me in an environment with walls, cliffs, hallways, and tunnels. And the only concession they made was to "recenter" the camera behind your fighter. Which I consider the worst camera solution in video games.

Prince of Persia is a good standard for 3rd person games with platforming and combat. So there is already a base line that is easy to copy (and many games do). If a developer thinks they can make improvements (PoP is not perfect), go ahead and do that. But there is no reason to make something that is worse.
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