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Re: Please Rate this Article: Melee Combat in the Current Gen

Originally Posted by Zarmaka View Post
Do you think that these design choices in Bayonetta (closer combat, fewer enemies, more specific attacks) lead to a less "awkward" gameplay experience (compared to God of War)?
I was in the level after killing the sirens, might not even be the half of the first game so i can't really adequately talk about GoW. The battles so far had hardly more enemies at once.
I think it's just the control scheme i don't like too much, it has not really something to do with other design choices.
But i think the goal of Kratos plowing through the enemies is also different than in Bayonetta than it is in Batman. He is a godlike creature with anger management issues, so blocking his way to revenge is no good idea is the concept. Even if it's tons of armies, get the fuck out of his way! This merciless one way style, through the chest of the enemy if he doesn't jump to the side, through the limbs of hordes of enemies, is its way of describing what character Kratos is and the strength he has.
Bayonetta might be the finer scalpel in this "action-melee" genre, and which erased my interest in completing the Collection at least for now, but it's, the more i think of it, hardly comparable to the Greek adventure. Maybe Bayonetta is in between Batman and GoW.
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