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Re: Please Rate this Article: Melee Combat in the Current Gen

I also liked the battles in Batman, it felt correct for that game, actually feel like the known Batman figure and his capabilities.
Also liked the Gothic 1 controls. Swing the sword left or right or vertically in the middle. Quite simple, no blocking (iirc) but it had some tactics in it, tough it was often blamed to be bad. So they changed it and in part 3 it finally was as boring as in the most games.
God of war was fun for some time, but since i played Bayonetta, which is also not really perfect, i can't motivate myself to finish GoW (the collection). Fixed camera, weird evade move, it feels awkward for me compared to that more recent game.

But i think i like both styles, the frantic action+action+a lot more action or the more realistic, more guarded approach. Depends on the game and the atmosphere it wants to build.
Bayonetta with anything else than insane action would not fit, and Batman vice versa.
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