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Re: Please Rate this Article: Melee Combat in the Current Gen

Originally Posted by Zarmaka View Post
What is your favorite melee game?
My favorite games are not examples of good combat. They often feature "barely exceptable" combat.

I like combat to take place within the context of an adventure. Im not a big fan of fighters or brawlers (although I have played a ton of those). One of my favorite games is Drakan (and its sequel drakan T.A.G. on the PS2). Where the combat happens while your adventuring. Or even a side-scroller like Castlevania.

The combat in all of these games is rather weak. The AI is very bad (or non-existent). But that is the sort of situation I would like the combat to take place in. Fighting bad guys in an adventure setting like a forest, a military base, or a castle.

But what is "good" combat? That is a hard question. Melee combat in the games I like is almost always simple. Anything from "Mini Ninjas" , "Brutal Legend" , "Dead Rising" , "Fable" , "Assassins Creed". Often it is just one or two attack buttons and a block button.

Im OK with that. It definitely could be better, but I think too simple is better than too complex.

I think the combat in Darksiders is pretty good. It is simple, but there are advanced moves (if you want to use them). That is probably the best approach to melee combat. Make a simple system, with advanced moves that skilled players can use.

In almost every game, I think AI is usually the weak point. And weakest part of the AI, is the ability for the computer opponents to make believable mistakes.

We are all familiar with bad guys facing the wrong way, not avoiding your obvious attacks, and other really stupid mistakes. But I dont think the answer is to make them too smart (never making mistakes). Even more frustrating than a stupid enemy, is one that never misses, or their attacks are unavoidable.

I think the advancement in combat needs to be more complex AI. Not more complex fighting schemes. Opponents that ambush, attack from behind, and take advantage of your mistakes.
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