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Re: Please Rate this Review: Assassin's Creed II Second Opinion

A very well articulated review that covered all of the major points in the game.

I thought the pacing in this game held the player's hand too much in the beginning. The scene in which you meet Leonardo Da Vinci consists of walking to his shop with your mom, picking up a box, and bringing it back with the two of them so Da Vinci doesn't bruise his delicate fingers. In truth, the first two hours of the game is an insulting waste of the player's time.

Also, there are too many flirtatious moments between Ezio and the random assassin women, and not a single one of them evolves into a full-fledged romance subplot, which disappointed me. A romance could have added some meat to the "bone dry" narrative.

Personally, I liked the timed segments, but regardless, I enjoyed your review. 5 stars.
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