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Re: Please Rate this Article: Melee Combat in the Current Gen

Originally Posted by joetbd View Post
Just to back up Richard's feedback.
Im actually a big fan of 3rd Person Melee games. I prefer melee games over shooters. And I prefer something in between the two styles you listed. Where I can fight a couple enemies at a time, but not too many. Something where I am a tough guy (or gal), but not slaughtering entire armies all at once.
I share your sentiments. I never liked the one-on-one nature of fighting games, but the one-on-thousands nature of Ninety-Nine Nights left me unsatisfied too, partially because when the time came for a boss fight against one character, the combat didn't like it fit the situation, but mostly because seeing 50 people simultaneously die gets repetitive.

What is your favorite melee game?
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