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Re: Please Rate this Article: Melee Combat in the Current Gen

Just to back up Richard's feedback.
I read this, and said to myself "...ok... and?"
You seemed to be building a case, but you never really stated what your main point was.

You liked Demon Souls and Batman. Are you saying this should be the blueprint for other games? Or are you saying, that no matter what developers try to accomplish, all games end up in one of these two situations?

"I have much more to say, especially about specific games, but for now thanks for reading, and feel free to give your own opinion and argue with my points."

Im actually a big fan of 3rd Person Melee games. I prefer melee games over shooters. And I prefer something in between the two styles you listed. Where I can fight a couple enemies at a time, but not too many. Something where I am a tough guy (or gal), but not slaughtering entire armies all at once.
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