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Re: Please Rate this Article: Melee Combat in the Current Gen

Hey Jonathan, a few things to address:

-Nix the bolding. It's very distracting and it makes it harder to read. If you really need to put emphasis on a word use italics, and even then it should be used sparingly. Bolding should only be used for links.

-What point are you trying to make? An editorial like this should come to some kind of conclusion instead of just comparing/contrasting. Your opinion needs to come across loud and clear if you want anyone to read the whole thing. Perhaps you could talk about which type is your favorite and why?

-Labeling things with the with the subsection headers and pro/con labels makes it feel very rigid, like I'm reading a game guide instead of an opinion piece. Try making everything one long article and separate it with paragraphs instead of labeling and see if it flows any better.

You've clearly got some passion for the topic, but I'd like to see it rearranged and with a little more conclusiveness and some more of your personal views on the subject.
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