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Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

I have seen people online who do tend to exploit the serve bug (once or twice is ok, but I did end up playing someone who did it every single time) the best thing I found is to block these guys then you won't end up playing them!

I will admit to being on both sides of the "wrongly credited point" issue when there has been no apparent cheating from either myself or the opponent (I'm not even referring to serve, it just seems to be a glitch with the game).

The most infuriating thing I did find was a player who was able to play squash, they threw the ball up on serve, waited for it to bounce and then were able to serve full speed off the bounce without having to catch it again!! They were also able to hit the ball after it had bounced past them and rebounded off the corner walls of the court (this was on the small outside court at the French Open, about the only place where the walls are close enough for this to happen, everywhere else the advertising hoardings, walls, etc are too far away to hit) I blocked this user, as whether it was a glitch or not they were blatantly using it to gain an unfair advantage...Oh and I'm not being a sore loser, I beat them!
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