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Re: new Xbox slim still have hardware problems?

Originally Posted by Vince View Post
This video seems to indicate a problem with the brick its self and not the 360. It is reported that when the Slim has an issue, the center of the power button blinks green. The red lights have been removed, speculation says as a PR move so RROD does not exist any more as we know it.
The CPU/GPU are now seated on one die along with eDRAM. And there is a one large fan instead of two smaller louder fans. So it's cheaper to make, smaller and quieter. You'd think Microsoft covered all of its bases.

Meh, maybe it is just too early to jump on the company. With new hardware there are bound to be snafus with a new launch. What I didn't expect to be a problem though was overheating.

I also don't think you need to speculate to know that Microsoft wants to get as far away from that PR nightmare as possible. Sadly, Red Dot of Death is just as catchy.

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