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Re: Supreme Ruler 2020 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

Haha wouldn't exactly call it tradition dropping nukes on our enemies. We've only dropped two that've killed anyone and that ended a world war Otherwise I allied with France and South Korea first minute of the game along with England, Israel, and Japan of course and S. Korea and I took out North Korea in about two days "game time." I was very proud of S. Korea actually they whooped some *** I just moved over my navy and wiped out their fleet and coast cities.
Whenever you get mail as a trade offer from anyone and you agree to the trade it'll boost your UN standings. Mine dropped because I didn't want to help those cheap *** countries offering me far less then what I was giving them but as soon as I started to agree to the offers I sky rocketed in un Subsidy and approval rating.
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