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Re: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strateg

Just looking through i can see some people have put a lot of thought into their posts, ive been plkaying the game since it came out, and there are a lot of things i have noticed about it.

#1. Different cars perform different based on companies chosen
EX. i have a 69 Camaro that will win drags against most class C cars fully upgraded

#2. Body DOES matter
EX. On some of the cars having more weight (body kits) slows the car down. on that same note, Some widebody kits are actually lighter than the origional kits.

#3. Tire size and make matters... a lot
EX. On my camaro that i mentioned earlier, i have 355's in the back, the games physics engine actually increases the acceleration because of the larger width, but it reduces my top speed, having slimmer tires will decrease ur acceleration, but give u a higher top end, and If you have BF Goodrich company setup, but actual pirellis on the vehicle, your car will not perform best. BF Good is for american, Pirelli is for Foreign

#4. Companies need to be matched.
EX. For American car makers such as chevy and ford, u should have their companies with AMERICAN based companies, For goreign cars, you should have FOREIGN companies

#5. Paint and Vinyls weigh more
EX. Pearlscent and sparkle are both HEAVY paints, and a lot of vinyls actually will effect weight

#6. Muscles need to look like muscles.
EX. a common misconception is that the side exhausts and the air scoop do not do anything for the vehicles, this is wrong. The Air scoop (if your companies are tuned correctly) will help your lateral acceleration, and Side exhausts have no muffeler after CATS so you have increaded flow... Better top end.

So a RECAP. Keep ur Companies based on Vehicle origin. Tires do matter. Looks matter.

Now that all that is said and done, look at ur cars, get on the internet, and start up your experimenting today!

If u wanna try my Camaro with one of urs, im on XBOX360 GT=Bmies671

Good luck
And keep racing
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