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Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

My EA grand slam tennis game got corrupted totally yesterday. I tried my best to salvage but the software appeared to be corrupted. I love playing online, and always played fair, with all these frustrating bugs until this time, and never thought something serious like this could happen by teleporting. Now, I lost my controls with remote even while playing offline... and most of remote controls was working upside down.. furthermore 'i cant serve' and the other movements in the game has become very quick. After lot of frustration trying to fix whatever is up, I finally resetted the software with no effect, and even formatted my wii, but nothing helped, all these bugs came back by some autosaving mechanisms, and my EA grand slam tennis software became a junk now. I dont know what more has been affected with my wii console? How could this happen by playing online? Anyone had similar problem/ solution? Appreciate your reply.
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