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Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

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I don't even want to play online anymore. What's the point? Every other ranked person i play seems to get credit for points I clearly won. What fun is it to try to beat a cheater by just standing there? Obviously the ranks don't mean anything. I wonder what the satisfaction is for them....WOW! I'm the best at punching in a cheat code! Lame. They obviously have small private parts.

But I do have one question. Is it just me or do some players hit WAY harder than others? I understand the whole 5 star thing mixed with certain players gold abilities but I have played some opponents on line that hit the ball so fast that even Roger Federer can't get to it in time! My created character has all abilities and 5 stars but still doesn't even compare to the speed of some players.
I have won Grand Slam once and am well on the way to winning again. However I have just started playing online and am not even getting close to winning any points, let alone games. After 4 frustrating days, points down to 134 and much swearing, I finally got another British opponent today, with 800 points, with who I had an excellent 3 games, lost overall but at least the play was fair. Came straight off, played another Spanish guy with 400 points and was creamed. Went on again, got someone British again, and got to a tiebreak. Seems playing anyone from another country is a waste of time - so cannot build up any points, just keep losing them!

I have noticed too that the ball can appear to bounce up to 3 or 4 times on the other side of the net and the opponent ALWAYS gets it back - I don't even get close! Howeer I have learned not to let any point go - even the most difficult shot appearing to go out should be tried for - sometimes the 'teleporting' must work in my favour, but not often!

I will keep playing but need to keep going back to the Grand Slam and playing 'real' world-class opponents like Federer to stop me feeling like a complete failure! If these online guys are so good, how come they're not playing Wimbledon???!
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