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Re: Kane & Lynch Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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I just beat the game after a week and a half (72 hours of combined ame play). It was a great game, It was challenging , but that's what I wanted. Of Course I did et stuck at the dump truck, bu Just empty your clup at the driver's side window and you have beaten the truck. everything else was easy, I saw that people have gottenstck at the Helicopter's and stuff, all you have to do is shoot those and the tanks, and the other tank things 3 times with the rocket launchers and they are destroyer. I have playthe extended, back into the village part. This game is hard it is close to the strategic games like Call of Duty or Rainbow Six, don't expect a Halo or Crackdown type run across the board, get shot numerous times and still kill you enemy. (I do love and have beaten all of those games too.) In Short, No matter what, don't give up.
how do you get to the front of the buliding?
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