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Re: Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Soulstorm Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes, Stra

Originally Posted by newNub4thisgame View Post
does anyone specialize or know how to play Sisters of battle reallay well?
any tips or advice besides bringin out the bloody saint?
well the sisters of battle may not be as versatile as the space marines but they do destroy enemy morale really well becuase most of their weapons are flame based. Bt my advice would be to get out 2 missionarys game start and have them cap while you are building your infantry barracks. From there pump out as many sisters you can(didnt mean to sound sexual there) then walk into enemy base with fully reinforced and upgraded sisters and pwn. If not bring out your atillery and some engines with say six fully reinforced squads then pwn. The sisters not being versatile have a lot of power backing them up dont be afraid to tap some of that like the flame tanks. Also move your line forward then hold with turrets for extra support. When your done with that are destroy the turrets and move forward. Rebuild and repeat. The sisters have the power to kill the necron but it all comes down to early strikes before the enemy is ready. (hope this helped )
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