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Re: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guid

for any1 who stuck in the quest find the vapol sword in red desert. follow the white ribbon until u reach a stone where u r told to solve the puzzle. there are 3 rows which r named as I, II, III on the stone. in each row there are 3 stones and one of them will be circle. note down which1 is circle. continue walking to the direction where the white ribbon is buried. u will see 3 stones on the sand giving 3 directions, exactly the same as the puzzle stone stated. remember the hints from the stone? choose the circled one ( if the second stone is circle in the puzzle stone, then u should choose the direction that the second stone points on the sand) Same as the second encounter and the third encounter with the 3 stones.
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