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Re: Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Soulstorm Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes, Stra

The tau are severly overlooked in general people say they are weak or overpowered on many cases thats not true the tau are on the up and down the kouyon focuses on their melee weakness giving u units like krootox. The mont'kal gives you the crisis sits and hammerheads. All in all the tau if they go either way can be easily killed. If the tau goes kouyon then just wipe those melee units and get up into the taus face. if they go mont'kal then get up into their face with melee units. The hardest tau defenses can be cracked. One race easy to kill tau with is necrons or orks. Becuase those races heve really good melee it makes the tau look weak. One good tau strategy is the battlesuit and heammerhead gunship backed with skyray defense. This can be easily routed with the two races ihave mentioned. You get into a battlesuits face its over and the enemy wont dare useskyray near its precious battlesuits. Hammerhead gunshps are your reall target get some jumpack squads or if your necron your necron lord to charge thru enemy lines and get behind those tanks right where they cant fire at you and the tua are finished right there. if you need any more helpful hints on a race post here and ill do my best to help bye
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