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Re: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Gu

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How do you beat the soviet shuttle and the 7 iron curtains?
take your mirage tanks and assult the first iron curtain on your left. then get some vindicators to destroy the second iron curtain. after, destroy the building surrounding it. to destroy thte third iron curtain you need enough tanks and muiti gunners to wipe out 2 hammer tanks and a apoc and some twinbaldes. beware that there are heavy anti air defences. after that you take some apollo fighters to destory any air units guarding the shuttle. to destory the farthest iron curtaain, you chronoshpere some mirage tanks deep into the enemy teriory where there isnt any tesla coills. becareful cuz theres a zeppin. while your destorying the last iron cutain, you might want to consider takeing out the vacum imploder as well. if your allie has not destoryed thier half of the iron cutains you might want to help them(duh). once all the iron curtains are down you can destroy the shuttle to your likeing. i desrtoryed it by air dropping tanya and c4ing it
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