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Smile Re: Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society Tips FAQ, Help Hints Cheat Cod

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I am stuck in that same spot and not sure what to do. I have tried using the different symbols that are on the symbol doors but none of them seem to work. Did you finally get past this??
On each symbol door, there are two rows of symbols. The top row is the row you have to change it to, and the bottom row is what it's currently on. On the third floor, you will find 4 strange mechanical boxes. The boxes have the symbols on it. You have to change the symbols to match the top row of symbols on the door. Each box will only let you change one symbol at a time. Go around the hallway and there will be a box at every hall. Keep changing the symbols until they match the top row of symbols on the door. When they match, you will hear a ringing sound and you can unlock the door. This works for all of Miss Loveday's doors. Hope this helped.
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