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hello! okay so this part took me forever! I aced everything else (i owned the gameboy game mario and luigi the one with cackletta and fawful, so i knew how to do everything) but this part is tricky. so i thought i would share.

After you beat Midbus. after you eat/ are force feed. you get thrown in to the giant hole you see on in the forest. and in the hole its a tunnel and blah blah blah anyway. i got stumped once i pushed the bomb over to the wall and exploded the first X on the wall. well b4 you push another bomb light it and then push it on 3 and the next on 2 then the other X s will open. i know i am not exactly "clear" on this but if you are on this lvl you will know what i mean
Oh My God thank you so much I was beginning to crack up!! Noticed the X's but couldn't figure out how to get them. Restarted game 'cos thought I did something wrong and have reached this point again. Thank you for saving my sanity!!!!
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