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Re: Suggest an album.

I like nearly everything Michael Andrews (Donnie Darko) has done, including this minimalist electronic score. The opening track w/the poem by Miranda July is just a terrific morning music meditation...

if you really love me, let's make a vow.
right here, together, right now. okay?


alright, repeat after me. i'm gonna be free.

(i'm gonna be free.)

and i'm gonna be brave.

(i'm gonna be brave.)

good. i'm gonna live each day as if it were my last.

(oh, that's good.)

you like that?


say it.

(i'm gonna live each day as if it were my last.)





with grace.

(with grace.)

and in the dark of the night...

(and it does get dark.)

when i call a name

(when i call a name)

it'll be your name... what's your name?


let's go. say it.

(let's go.)



even though

(even though)

we're scared.

(we're scared.)

cause it's life.

(it's life.)

and it's happening. it's really really happening, right now...
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