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Re: 2009 Best and Worst Movies

Has anyone seen The Lovely Bones? Although it pains me to say it, that film is one of the worst of last year. I'm a big fan of Peter Jackson, but this was a complete disappointment. I was astonished by how underwritten the main characters were - one even drops out of the movie halfway through only to come back for the unbelievable happy ending. The novel is about dealing with the death of a loved one, but the film doesn't bother with this journey except through silly montages and cliche scenes like smashing everything in the room.

Interestingly, or disturbingly, the movie's best moments involve the killer/rapist Mr. Harvey. Jackson imbues these scenes with suspense, and creativity. There's a cool bitwhere he films the actors from within a dollhouse. Stanley Tucci is great.

There's also a creepy scene at the beginning when Suzy, as a ghost, enters Mr. Harvey's bathroom and finds her blood everywhere. It reminded me of something you'd see in Silent Hill, and makes me wish Jackson would return to horror.

The problem with having the film's best moments surrounding the killer is that it's not true to the spirit of the book. And considering the author, Alice Sebold, was a victim of rape herself, I wonder how she'd feel about a film based on her novel giving so much attention to the killer. It's obvious Jackson relishes in shooting these particular scenes, and it shows his great skill at evoking creepiness ... I just wish it was for another movie.

Because The Lovely Bones seems to miss the point of the novel it's based on. I haven't talked much about the heaven scenes (or the in-between scenes) because aside from offering some eye candy, they don't really add much to the story.

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