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Re: 2009 Best and Worst Movies

1. Watchmen
(+ Watchmen The Complete Motion Comic)
I love Moores subtle slow story with their anti(super/masked adventurers)heros and their human problems and different views on life. Snyder did a good transition: cutting where it helped the speed, adding powerful music and still staying with the mood i felt while reading the book before.

2. Das weiße Band (the white ribbon)
A look at a village and its smugness with violence behind closed doors and devoutness on sundays, a few years before WW2.

[[3. Wall-E
The first half is just brilliant, the rest i am willing to ignore.]]<-2008

3. Transformers 2
bombastic rubbish. i like this though.

4. Inglourious Basterds
Really don't know about this one.
The scenes and actors are magnificent, but altogether i dislike that movie strongly. It offending me in a weird way. It was to funny, despite being to earnest... i felt forced to laugh at something i don't want to laugh at, it never got really amusing enough, delivered to much of the real thing. It kind of upsetted me ... but maybe that was the goal... have to have another look.

So i loved/liked 3 movies this year and one sort of dismembers me. No flop at my list but wanting to see only 4 movies in a year is really not much...

best of TV-broadcasts 2009 (my favourites this year, though i have seen some before)
Team America
The Salton Sea
Hearts in Atlantis
Lucky Number Slevin (shame this never found its way to our cinemas)
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
North Country
The Andromeda Strain
Manufacturing Dissent

The Host
Lost Killers
Smokin' Aces
DOA: Dead or Alive
Cool Waves

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