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Re: 2009 Best and Worst Movies

I just watched District 9 on Blu-Ray. The Apartheid resemblance is about as subtle as hitting you in the face with a 2x4 with "APARTHEID" stenciled on it. The Apartheid aspect of the movie, in my opinion, is also ridiculously overstated by the audience. During the first 20 minutes or so of the movie and from what I heard, I was dreading a hamfisted and predictable "Racism is bad, mkay?" theme. Much to my surprise, I didn't find the movie about Apartheid at all, rather it simply uses an Alien Apartheid as a setting for the actual story to happen...

I'll spare any spoilers after that but in short, District 9 turned from something I was skeptical about after reading forums to the best Sci-Fi movie I have seen in over 25 years.
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