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Re: 2009 Best and Worst Movies

I think The Dark Knight would be my pick of best movie for 2009. Although I would say that, while Heath Ledger did a great portrayal of the Joker, I don't think the Joker character was entirely dependent on Ledger.

Past Joker incarnations never truly paid attention to the source material, and it's easy to give the vote to Ledger when older incarnations were never up to scratch to begin with. I think any actor who would've atleast paid attention to the source material would have made an amazing Joker, it just happened to be someone who would die suddenly after and be praised even more.

District 9, while a great movie, is a little overrated in my opinion. Definately an amazing film, but something that doesn't neccesarily push the boundaries, and a film that doesn't go further into discussions that seems to almost reach but never continues further.

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