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Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

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hhahahaha i know eh , it's fuked, it's impossible to beat server and volley. and lobbing does not work, thery like get back and hit a winner of it every damn time.lololol
When receiving at the AD court, return with a backhand slice down the line whenever possible. The ball will swing to the left and curve back at the last minute to fall fast inside the far corner. The volleyer will either miss it or hit a weak return and stumble. Rush the ball and put it away before it bounces and before the volleyer gets up.

When receiving at the Deuce court, hit topspin or flat down the line, taking the ball early so the volleyer has less time to rush the net. Watch out: If the volleyer is fast, down the line will not work because it gets invariably put away cross court.

If it is an opponent who loves to serve extremely slow underhand then rushes the net (there is a proliferation of those types these days - but it's waning), wait until the very last second when the volleyer is committed to the net, then lob. These types have learned recently to fake their rush to the net (they move forward then retreat to try to fend off the lob). If so, use an angled drop shot to return the soft serve to draw them back to the net and then lob or hit a topspin passing shot.

Have fun.
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