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Re: 2009 Best and Worst Movies

Best: District 9
Runner up: Surrogates, 500 days of summer

Biggest surprise: 500 days of summer

Worst: Ghosts of Girlfriends past
Pretty bad as well: Paranormal activity, Transformers 2, The taking of Pelham 123, Duplicity, Funny People

Most disappointing: Watchmen

Way better than expected: GI Joe

Best movies I didn't see yet: the hurt locker, Moon

I plan on watching Avatar this weekend, thus might change some things still...
Don't be surprised that I watch so many bad movies, but I have a flatrate for my cinema around the corner. Plus I have no TV, so instead of watching telly I just walk to the cinema

@ckzatwork: Gran Torino and Waltz with Bashir are from 2008 (were some of my favourites last year...)
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