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Re: Jak and Dexter the Lost Frontier

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I'm stuck in Search for the Light Eco, at the section where you move the precusors (if that's what they are called) and open the gates to the platforms that are moving. The platforms pass through a lazer screen but I can't work out how I get through it I keep getting killed. I have moved all of the percusors across but am now stuck.
have u noticed how there is a precussor idol(the precussors are ottsels, like daxter. the things in the game are idols) on that moving platform that goes through the lasers? u have to time it right. teleport one of the idols on ur side of the area onto the platform with no idols on it already. then jump back onto the area u started from. then teleport to the idol on the platform near the place u must go. jump off and, quickly, teleport the other idol onto the switch. jump back off the platform and THERE U GO!!!!!
congrats and good luck!
p.s., freezing time might help.
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