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Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide


I have also noticed that the game goes two ways. I have no idea how to "cheat" and several time served and got point automaticly regardles where the ball was returned. But same thing happened when thy serve to me, it's a clear ball in and points go to them.
The strange thing is about the out's as well, some time is out by 2 meters and it's called in and some times it land on the line and is called out. but that to works in both ways. it's just up to you how bad a looeser you are i get so pissed of for thet, but on next game is to my advantage.
The next thing is the strange movement of players, who hit the ball after it's past them. my theory is lag, at there side or at mine. As my wireless router was on for 3 days and it went bananas, frame rate was 2-3 / sec. i restarted it and against same opponent a bit later worked perfectly. but if there connection is bed there is little that can be done i think, as payers jump from one side of the court to the other, i get all happy and put my hand i the air and they return the ball back .

i searched the web for cheat codes but i could not find any to see if cheats work, guess on-line play has some big bugs that were missed by EA!!!
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