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Re: Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Soulstorm Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes, Stra

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Tau are probably the best faction they start off a hard to balance army but there vehcils help control that e.g the transport carriers for the tau are invisible to the enemy so build a few of them pack them with fire warriors send them to the enemys hq.While your in the hq dont empty the soilders keep them in the transport as it helps kick in an aftertouch and the enemy wont attack you for some time.If you play as the tau be prepared as the space marines are hard to beat playing as the tau.

i wouldnt really say that, i nailed the campaign hq in a shade under 23 mins (including all secondary objectives and knocking all else out until was just the hq left...) need a couple of the tau tanks with the cannon on top (sorry im more a SM or SoB person) the 2/3 skyrays as backupfor mass devestation when it all starts to swamp on the march.... then just backed up by as many fire warrior teams as poss with their equivelent sergent plus a shield drone #(shield drones tend to be attacked last and can spawn new warriors from them)
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