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Post Re: Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gui

Hi! I'll give you some advices about using the game. I have it for six months and I think I'm pretty "wise" about it (excuse me for my words, I'm Spanish).
To get Shade Remains, just catch fishes or bugs and give them to the books. If they don't have a lot of value, you may receive a Shade Remain from them.
To help the lady in the shop, just search for the things she needs and sell them to her. She will pay you for them, and the first time will even give u 1000 Ritz (dunno if the money it's called the same in english, but i do mean money) and the product she has prepared with them.
About going out with classmates, you can go to the greenhouse to drink a tea or doing homework (that depends on your friend), and, if you're dating with a male/female (the against your character is), he might become your boyfriend/girlfriend. You can also go fishing, eating pasta at the "restaurant" you will find at the beach or at the mushrooms forest, go for a drink at Marcy's (the bar in the shopping avenue) or talk. About the "voices" or whistles you may hear when you are in your room, there are some cases:
A) If you hear a voice after one or two knocks, go out of you bedroom and you may find a classmate who wants something from you.
B) If you hear a cry (AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!) or a whistle, go to the door next to your bedroom's door. Your neighbour might be having problems or want to show you a song you can learn.
About the school: You have three teachers whose lessons change -I think- once a week, so try not to lose any of them!
There is a room at the school where you collect the prizes you win for resolving mysteries. Mysteries come with the Mysterious time: when it begins, you'll see the shape of a creature: the next day, ask your classmates or look around the village to find out whats up with the creature. When you help it in what it asks you to, you will win a prize and it will affect positively to your marks.
About marks: Go to the tower and ask the schools director to check you knowledges (i know that's not exactly the translation spanish-english,but...), and then go to the auditorium to be "checked". If your marks are very good (to get high marks you should talk to classmates, go to your lessons, clean the town from weeds, practise magic, resolve mysteries...) you might get a new hat or a new (don't know the word) thing to do magic. One of the most important things to get one of them is, during the mysterious time, having a extra-class where you have a quiz and beating your classmates (you do not choose to have it).
I to get money, what i do is going to the cave and trying the spell magic+secret+search and find what's under the earth (Just once thing: there are buried objects all over the town, not just at the cave). What I HATE in this game is that EVERYTHING is TOO EXPENSIVE, so think twice before buying anything.
Besides, you can sell furniture, clothes and berries to cat Sith, and he usually pays you a lot and sells furniture.
You can find treasures at the abandoned mansion where Sith places sometimes his "shop", if you look in the THREE chests there are in the mansion. One is behind a bookshelf so, when you are at the dining room, enter the second door in the right and go to the last room (always going to the righ). Push A when you are in front of the bookshelf and you'll find a hidden room.
In the cemetery in front of the mansion you'll hear a voice the first time you pass by it, so push A when you are in front of the biggest grave and it will start to talk to you (that's why you need Shade remains).

There are also many events in the town, but you'll have to discover them!!
Hope you liked it (and that it was useful!)
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