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Re: New People, Please Introduce Yourselves

I'm guilty of lurking I guess.

Thanks to the Halo 3 review I stumbled over this site and thanks to the Halo 3 review and some others I read then I decided to stick around a bit. Because of the writing and since I felt it refreshing to see a site using other numbers than 8, 9 and 9,5 to rate games.

I'm currently only having a PC and a DS to play on, using it mainly for WoW and Professor Layton respectively. I'm still too cheap to buy a PS, not because the PS would be too expensive but because I don't have a TV, therefore I would have to buy one as well...

I live in the Netherlands and do my PhD in electrical engineering here (about 1 more year to go).

The whole doing PhD is the reason not buying a telly, since that would be a huge timesink for me and I'm already busy restraining myself from playing too much on the computer (I should cancel WoW again I guess).
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