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Question Re: Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guide

im nearly done the game 100% I have two problems...

Im only missing the second All Armor Mod, where can i find this?

Second, Im having trouble completing the side missions 100% Ive done every Orb Hunt, my total is 12 including the first city, The volcanoe and the forest robot area. Ive shot down all the dark eco crystals and returned the total ammounts to their respective precursor idols. AND ive gotten gold in every Target Race, Gold in every Radio Mission and even at the Rig aswell, AND finally ive done all of the Barter's Tavern missions...

Are their actually secret missions that cannot be seen on the radar/map? I can recall only one in Sector Zero where this ghost ramdomly approached me, as i was flying and asked me to seek out his "Lost Treasure" it was a simple fly to the targets mission, nevertheless i got 3 orbs for it and an addition to my side quest,

IS their other random missions like this in the other flying areas? like the Brink?
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