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Re: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Gu

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Ok guys here are some tips for Soviets ONLY-At the start of a Skirmish mode build a construction crane(it can build buildings like the conc. yard)and then use crane to build the Barracks and the conc. yard to build reactor,THEN after both are built get both crane and yard to make the refineries (then impliment your own strategies)ok heres a good strategy for a sea map-soviets-Ok do what i told you up on top,then build the mecha base so you can produce tanks,and walkers,and from barracks do flak gunner,and conscript,then (if you can) expand to another refinery at the same times build tesla coils and flak cannons around your base(not in it around it)then build an Air Field (while still producing coils and tanks etc)DONT FORGET TO TECH UP!! Then build the War BAllons about 3 will do amass them near the edge of the water then circle around the map (while still being on water)and then go to thier base at this time send ur tanks and soldiers to attack the base then while the enemy is distracted send your war ballons in for the kill (go for unit creation buildings)and you should win.Post if these helped as they are AWSOME strategies more will come soon .
Sorry its Crusher Crane :P
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